Sova configurator closed – thanks for your feedback

We wanted to let you know that the Sova configurator is offline. We’ve had a lot of entries and this will give us a clearer picture of your preferences and priorities regarding the product. Our engineers and designers are analyzing the results right now and we will let you know how your voting will have an impact on the future design of the Sova. Stay tuned.

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The Sova Configurator: Build Your Own Sova Gaming Board

*update* – the configurator is closed. Please check this posting.

Hey folks, greetings from ROCCAT Headquarters! Today, we drop the Sova Configurator website, where you, the gamers, get to choose the features you can’t game without on a Sova.  You’ve got 100 Credits to play with, and a whole lot of options to mix and match. Seems easy, right? Well yeah, it totally is.

Click the link here to get started. Happy Sova building!

sova configurator

If you have no idea what the ROCCAT Sova concept is, watch this video first.

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Sova prototype specs

Thank you all for the comments so far. The guys from LinusTechTips were able to get their hands on the Sova prototype we introduced at E3. Their video should answer some
of the questions from the comments. We will address certain details in seperate videos with our ID designers soon.

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Thank you!

We are kicking off our Sova blog by saying thank you for all the feedback we got so far. You guys encouraged us to build this device and we would like to keep you envolved. Follow this blog to be part of the journey the Sova prototype takes – until it becomes a real product that we can ship. Also make sure to check our Facebook and Youtube updates if you don’t want to miss a step in the further development. Please keep sharing your thoughts and comments on the Sova and let us know what your ideal version of the product would look like.


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We are glad you’ve found our DevBlog for the ROCCAT Sova project.

At E3 this year we introduced the ROCCAT Sova – a wireless modular keyboard/mousepad combo that brings your PC gaming experience to the living room. Forbes Tech came up with a headline that pretty much sums up the feedback we received during E3: Roccat Just Introduced The Most Useful PC Gaming Peripheral Ever Created.

Now we will turn the prototype from E3 into a real product that you guys out there can actually get. Follow us during this process and stay up to date – we will cover all the important steps in the further development right here.

We are just about to set this page up, so please allow a few days until it gets filled with more content.

Leave a comment and let us know what you are most interested in.

Make sure to check back soon.

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