It’s been a while – let’s talk

Hey folks. First, we’re pretty stoked to see someone like Cyko28 so keen to get their hands on a Sova that they actually designed their own version of it. It’s actually quite similar to what our very early prototypes looked like – well, except the keyboard part.

That’s really cool, and goes to show that we genuinely do have the best fans in the world. That noted, we get that this creative flurry came from not having a ROCCAT Sova available, and we’d like to get into that here.

We hear you, really. A lot of people wonder what the holdup is. “Why isn’t this thing out? They showed it at E3! It’s been forever. I want to play my games in the living room already! Why haven’t we heard anything new?”

 Valid points, valid question.

We received amazing feedback last year at E3. It let us know that we had a real winner on our hands, and motivated us even further to give gamers exactly what they wanted, which is an ability to jump into LoL, Dota, WoW and more from the comfort of their own living rooms, preferably on the couch. They wanna do that with their mouse on a high quality keyboard. We’ve wanted this too for years, and we feel safe in saying we’re the first company to ever conceptualize this, and create a truly functional, foundationally solid example.

So why the silent treatment? Admittedly, that’s our fault, but with good reason. Early in the process of feeling out our fan needs after the E3 announcement, we followed up with fan surveys, as well as a virtual Sova builder that gave players a limited handful of virtual coins to choose Sova features from, without allowing them enough coins to select the fully loaded package. We did this on purpose, because while we understand the awesomeness of a full package Sova (it is rad), we also get that budgets vary, and all players deserve the core, must-have features any Sova option has to bring to the table…or your lap, specifically.

We used all of this collected data from surveys and the Sova Configurator experiment and came to the conclusion based on your feedback that more Sova options needed to be available, and we intend to deliver.

Of course, providing these options takes time. We’re dedicated to perfecting the ergonomics of keyboard and mouse play on a lapboard. A lot of hands-on testing goes into getting this just right, and trust us when we say that the Sova from start to eventual finish has been a very, very hands-on product. Everyone at ROCCAT Headquarters has sat down with a Sova in their lap, from the time it was a keyboard affixed to a wooden base, all the way to the design prototype that made its debut at E3 and landed at CES ’15 recently. Perfect weight is crucial, balance is crucial, being able to hold up to marathon gaming sessions? Crucial.

All of this leads to the reality that we’ve been honing a Sova experience that can’t be duplicated, even though it has and will be attempted. Due to that final point, we’ve come to the conclusion that we can’t share details quite the way we have in the past, and have thus made the decision to keep our cards close to the vest, and move forward with Sova work quietly and efficiently.

Nothing will compare to the Sova. This concept has been in our minds for a very long time, our prototyping is fantastic, and testers at E3 and CES ’15 were very stoked about what they saw and experienced with a Sova in their lap. And so, there we are.

The final product it is coming.

That’s the status. We’re full steam ahead here at ROCCAT Studios. Sova isn’t years away, it’s not a fantasy; it is a reality that we are simply making sure honors the reputation we’ve built with our fans. So please, don’t take our silence as having been forgotten or that we aren’t hard at work, because that is the furthest thing from the case.

We aren’t going to rush a product to market without ensuring that it meets our standards (and yours). Also, consumer integration continues to be a major part of our process, meaning we are actively using consumer feedback in crafting vital aspects of the Sova that you, the gamer, want. As gamers ourselves, we believe that’s worth the wait.

We look forward to getting the Sova into your hands, and your living rooms. We’re gonna, and it’s going to be great.


- ROCCAT Studios

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It’s been a busy couple of Months for us here at ROCCAT Studios, with a host of new peripheral releases, a hugely successful booth experience at Gamescom 2014, and a lot of behind the scenes work on the Sova Gaming Board.

Yes, we haven’t forgotten you, or our plans to make the Sova one of the very best peripherals in your gaming arsenal. How do we intend on making sure this happens? Easy. Listening to the best gaming minds in the industry, and our loyal fans. Part of our job in making sure the Sova is exactly what gamers want, is ensuring we provide exactly what they need, and player-to-player, that answer isn’t always the same. When we dropped the Sova Configurator on you, we learned a lot about what players could and could not live without in a gaming board, and took that very important data into account. Some of you also may have received our focus surveys, where we collected even more important information on everything from price, feature sets, and more.

What did we learn from all of this collective data? 

Simple. No one Sova fits all; we needed to go back to the drawing board, and put together a second version of the Sova Gaming Board to accommodate different requirements, both in cost and features. Essentially, we’ve heard your voices, and we’ve responded with something we think fans will really dig.

So what’s up with this second Sova option?

Well, you’ll have to check back in for our next blog update, where we’ll be breaking down those details. And we promise, the engine is running, the blog is revved up, and you’ll be getting information on the Sova with much more frequency in the coming weeks and months.

We really appreciate your patience, and hey, your comments and feedback are much appreciated.

Thanks for being awesome folks!

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Sova configurator closed – thanks for your feedback

We wanted to let you know that the Sova configurator is offline. We’ve had a lot of entries and this will give us a clearer picture of your preferences and priorities regarding the product. Our engineers and designers are analyzing the results right now and we will let you know how your voting will have an impact on the future design of the Sova. Stay tuned.

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The Sova Configurator: Build Your Own Sova Gaming Board

*update* – the configurator is closed. Please check this posting.

Hey folks, greetings from ROCCAT Headquarters! Today, we drop the Sova Configurator website, where you, the gamers, get to choose the features you can’t game without on a Sova.  You’ve got 100 Credits to play with, and a whole lot of options to mix and match. Seems easy, right? Well yeah, it totally is.

Click the link here to get started. Happy Sova building!

sova configurator

If you have no idea what the ROCCAT Sova concept is, watch this video first.

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Sova prototype specs

Thank you all for the comments so far. The guys from LinusTechTips were able to get their hands on the Sova prototype we introduced at E3. Their video should answer some
of the questions from the comments. We will address certain details in seperate videos with our ID designers soon.

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Thank you!

We are kicking off our Sova blog by saying thank you for all the feedback we got so far. You guys encouraged us to build this device and we would like to keep you envolved. Follow this blog to be part of the journey the Sova prototype takes – until it becomes a real product that we can ship. Also make sure to check our Facebook and Youtube updates if you don’t want to miss a step in the further development. Please keep sharing your thoughts and comments on the Sova and let us know what your ideal version of the product would look like.


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We are glad you’ve found our DevBlog for the ROCCAT Sova project.

At E3 this year we introduced the ROCCAT Sova – a wireless modular keyboard/mousepad combo that brings your PC gaming experience to the living room. Forbes Tech came up with a headline that pretty much sums up the feedback we received during E3: Roccat Just Introduced The Most Useful PC Gaming Peripheral Ever Created.

Now we will turn the prototype from E3 into a real product that you guys out there can actually get. Follow us during this process and stay up to date – we will cover all the important steps in the further development right here.

We are just about to set this page up, so please allow a few days until it gets filled with more content.

Leave a comment and let us know what you are most interested in.

Make sure to check back soon.

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